Guess Who?

Our lecturer has decided to add in questions for our upcoming blog posts. This weeks question is who is your audience? If you’ve been following, you will notice that I am writing a blog about an old school down my road, which is pushed to be reopened by the Government and the Schools association.

So just who is my audience? It would be easy to say that it is for people who are interested in education, but it’s more than that. My article will be for the people who are in the area, as a notification of what is to come. It is also for those who are past students of the school. Through my research, I have found numerous pages and websites which are ‘Old Boys’ sites for those living in both New Zealand and overseas. I’m sure these men would be very interested in what is going to happen to their school which has been shut down for over a decade.

Not only will the audience be for ex-students, but also future students. Pukekohe, is a multicultural community, and if the school reopens its doors as a Maori school for Boys’, there will be a chance for the Maori teenagers to get a chance to excel in a place where they feel right at home with tradition and culture. It may not just be potential students in Pukekohe, but may stretch further to the wider Franklin District and even further into South Auckland towns such as Papakura. While this article focuses on only one school opening, the very event itself could spark a light in which, depending on St Stephen’s meeting the educational requirements set by the Ministry of Education, other schools may be reopened, not only in Auckland, but throughout New Zealand.

So there it is. An audience with education in common.



3 thoughts on “Guess Who?

  1. emmastanford says:

    If I was to write an intro for your article, going from what is on the blog, I would write:

    The St Stephen’s school in Pukekohe has been closed for over a decade.In it’s hayday St Stephen’s was a boarding school for Maori boys but due to limited funding was closed. The Government and a board of Old Boys are in talks to get the school reopened and see it as being a beneficial move to enhance the educational results of Maori students.

    Might give you an idea for the real thing maybe? 🙂

  2. sophiejaynebuchan says:

    Great story Yana! Being a Pukekohe resident myself and of Maori decent, I would be very interested in learning about the possible reopening of the school and the societal issues that come with it. Keep up the great work!

  3. Ben K says:

    I think your story will appeal to very broad audience as well, I’m not even from Pukekohe and I’m still interested! 🙂

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