A Little Bit Of History

This video is really cool. It shows photos of St Stephen’s school, and then explains what they are, from a student who used to attend. Judging by the music and the tone of the text within the video, I think they’re quite upset at the way the school has been left. This clearly reinforces the idea that this school means a lot to many people and they can’t wait for it to be reopened so that it can again hold significance in the lives of others.


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of History

  1. tegangrey says:

    This is such a good find! I know if I went back to my old school I’d feel sad if I saw it abandoned like St Stephens. Is there anyway you would be able to get in contact with the guy that made the video? If you could do it in the short amount of time we have left it could be really interesting to talk to him!
    I really can’t wait to read your story, I’m so interested in how you will write this.


  2. Ben K says:

    Great video! There must be a lot of people who have an big emotional attachment to this place, it would be great to see it brought back into use rather than left to crumble and rot. Places like this are part of our heritage and they need to be saved!

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