Reflection: Assignment One

My roles in Assignment One: I filmed most of the footage- all of the interview footage, and several extra shots. I also did a lot of editing. While Jess and I helped to edit the piece together, on Thursday, I grasped a better knowledge of the program, so she worked on the script, while I edited.

This assignment was a challenge, but a good one. Right from the start, I had a few issues with my pitch- it was too much of a PR story. However after I talked to the person I wanted to interview, I was able to see a different angle, one that focused less on the ‘event’, and more on his personal story.

In the end, that interview fell through because he was performing in Tauranga, and wasn’t back in time to film.

We decided to go with Jess’s idea of Public Transport issues- because this has the news values of timeliness, relevance and continuity. It always seems like something is wrong with public transport.

When it came to filming, we were very lucky. It had been raining a few hours before we filmed, but the sun came out, just for us.

Personally, I felt a little under prepared for the filming aspect of this interview. I am a visual person, so I need to see what I have to film. In the next assessment, I will make a story board of all the shots that we need, so that when it comes to the editing process it is a lot easier.

I filmed this interview, while Jess was the reporter.

We filmed some cutaways first, with several shots of buses, and transport in Auckland city. We were able to get some good shots of people hopping off the buses.

The interview was good. Claudine was very natural and spoke quite well. One mistake we did make however, was not using the lapel mics. This would have boosted the sound for our interview and made it clearer to understand.

When it came to editing, we did a crash course in refreshing ourselves with the programme! We realised that we did not have a lot of shots, so this was a bit disappointing as it meant several of the shots and cuts were quite repetitive.

Not having enough shots (and a big enough range of shots) was probably the biggest issue in this assignment, but I think we did really well with what we had. I definitely have things that I would do differently next time- simply because I am now reminded in what is involved in the interviewing and editing process.

I am happy with how we handled the pressures involved in this assignment (this was mostly dealing with temperamental computers and semi-foreign computer programmes). Personally, I am pleased with how I was able to use Premier Pro CC again.

While I feel like the assignment is not near perfect, I am happy with what we produced and feel a lot more confident about what can be produced in the next assignment.


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