Begin Again

It seems like an appropriate title- I found another blog of mine that I never actually published, so now seems like the right time to start again.

I didn’t mean to casually chuck a little Taylor Swift in that title, but I did. Sorry. Or not sorry.

Where do I start?

I am TWO days away from graduating!

TWO! It feels a lot weird. That this is it. I will no longer be a ‘student’ and will be fully-fledged and thrown into the outside world. Dun dun duun.

It’s super exciting. And nerve-wracking. At the moment my concerns are will my dress be too long to walk in? Will I trip up the stairs? I’m sure if it happens, I will let you know.

I do feel very nostalgic, thinking the first time I came to uni, my Rip Curl backpack (note to self: don’t do backpacks), my 2012 PHS Leavers Jersey worn with pride (currently sitting at the top of my wardrobe… since about October 2012), and that excitement of a new challenge, new goals and following a dream.

Now that dream is about to become a reality. Or the graduating part of it anyway.

I’m sure a proper reflection on my three years at Uni is due, and 10pm at night is not really the time to be doing it, (my bed is calling).

University years have been some of the best years I’ve ever had. I’ve only had 21, so semi-limited, but there are memories I will never ever forget, and people I hope to continue to do life with.

But while I’m waiting to see the Journalism class of 2k15 I’ll be persuading my parents to make me a lolly lei.

Muliticolors of Candy Kukui Nut Leis


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